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 Campaign for Justice Foundation

Campaign for Justice, formed in early 2018, is established as a for-the-people, Vanuatu-based, Natural Rights activist organization with its’ mission to actively CONFRONT and EXPOSE those who obstruct Natural Justice with impunity.

C4J shall operate in opposition to social, ecological, political, and economic transgression of Natural Law, and thus, installed as a ‘public watchdog organisation’, the Foundation shall hold to account those in “fiduciary positions of power” when, where, and if obstruction of Justice occurs.

Establishing an (international) peoples’ platform for Natural Justice in Vanuatu, C4J shall thus exist and function for the ultimate purpose of realizing equal rights and dignity for each member of the human family here in Vanuatu and in so doing; for the whole of Creation.

Thank you for standing up with C4J and spreading our work for a Just future for all of Vanuatu. You can share on Facebook or email our page to your friends and family!

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