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Vaccine Mandates and Freedom

Let’s consider a few foundational pillars first and foremost. Most people don’t commit crimes because they know it is wrong. Why? Because they have a conscience imputed in their DNA by a power much higher than them. The conscience is where reason, or rationalism resides. It’s what makes all humans moral beings. The conscience helps us tell the difference between right and wrong.

The oldest Book – the Bible, contains what is called the Torah – the Hebrew term for the Law, used in reference to the first five books written by Moses. The Torah was only given in written form as a guide, but deep within, these people have always been guided by moral values everyone aspires to. For instance, whether stealing can be considered right or not, people still probably won’t steal because they know it is wrong and there is a standard to live by. But as most people know, there are people amongst us – not a large percentage – who will steal even if it is illegal. There are people who will hurt others even if they know it is wrong. That is just how depraved our society has become over time.

Let’s dwell now on the topic of the day – COVID-19. No doubt COVID is driving the world crazy. It’s a pandemic that is still wreaking havoc the world over despite efforts by WHO and scientists to find long lasting solutions. However, more and more it appears that very few people are deciding what we should think and believe; even how we should respond to the pandemic. All the other voices are treated as ‘noise’.

Vaccine mandates have been a major concern the world over, especially in the US where up to 10 states in the US are suing the Biden administration over such mandates. Some reports put the figure at 19 states in total. They are arguing the mandates are fundamentally wrong and illegal. Some legal experts though, say the arguments against the mandates won’t hold water because the US laws allow for such public safety measures.

Why is there such a strong resistance to such draconian measures? you may ask. Well, firstly it goes against the fundamentals of democracy and freedom. Questions about freedom of conscience, and rights to work and exist, have a lot to play here. These are principles that all decent governments subscribe to and should be upheld at all cost, or we would not have a democracy anymore.

You will remember that our own parliament passed a bill earlier this year giving indemnity to giant pharmaceuticals – thus overruling citizens’ rights of recourse to justice should they get harmed by the vaccine. These are rights Governments should not waive on a whim.

But included in that bill was a provision for the vaccines not to be administered arbitrarily. In other words, it is not compulsory. People are supposed to be free to opt out; for whatever reasons they may have. Of course such choices must be guided and informed by both science, reason and morality.

What we have seen, not just overseas but locally, is completely opposite of what we have been led to believe. Just last week the Vanuatu government even contemplated extending the quarantine period for the sixteen people released after arriving on the controversial flight from New Caledonia – against the advice of local health experts. Earlier than that, the Vanuatu Public Service Commission (PSC) tried to restrict people from entering government offices unless they showed evidence of their vaccination.

One of the things our founders said about this country was that this was to be a democracy. It means that we are a free people. Our freedom is guaranteed by a Constitution that serves as our blue print if you will, for protecting our rights as citizens. The Constitution provides for certain inalienable rights that even the Government cannot take away from us. One such inalienable right is the right to freedom of conscience. People must be allowed to think for themselves, and say what they want without fear of reprisal. One does not have the authority to dictate how others must think or even believe. That is freedom.

The question must be asked: ‘Can governments lay down the gauntlet when it comes to vaccination mandates?’ It is bad enough when science appears to be highly divided on the subject, which is why it is proving difficult to trust it when it comes to vaccines – even on mask-wearing. These are fundamentally important questions we must ask and demand appropriate responses from authorities. If we cannot rely on science and doctors to help us out, then we are in for very serious problems ahead; especially now when COVID-19 seems to have been highly politicised; so much so that it is polarizing everyone.

Yes vaccines help reduce the spread and fatalities but so does natural infection and natural immunity. In fact this should be basic science. But strangely natural immunity is not being promoted by our health experts, preferring vaccines instead. In addition there are possible alternative treatments for COVID-19 but authorities would not grant their blessing. Doctors are too scared to prescribe these medications, which are already available on the market against the advice of WHO, the CDC and powerful individuals like Dr. Anthony Fauci. Medications such as inhaled steroids and monoclonal antibodies. As these and other alternative drugs were initially promoted by politicians like Donald Trump, it appears no one wants to listen anymore.

When you start dictating to people what they should think and believe, then there is reason to be seriously concerned.

- This article was first published by Vanuatu Daily Post

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Keep going! What support do you need? Let's unite and work together.

Mi piace

Loved reading this! Thank you for your courage! I have been waiting for some signs that others are aware of the crimes against humanity that are being committed against the masses- you made some great points, but the rabbit hole goes even deeper I'm afraid. Last week's episode of the (I watch every week on Thursdays) revealed that the shot greatly inhibits people's natural ability to repair damaged DNA. Then there's the matter of Antibody Dependent Enhancement. It's important we stand firm, stand together and stand for freedom. No government owns the bodies of its citizens. That is a violation of the social contract.

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