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Stand Up Against Tyranny

We must continue to warn authorities to be mindful of citizens’ rights enshrined under article 5 (1) of the Constitution. Putting in place measures to control the spread of the COVID -particularly placing restrictions to restrain people’s freedom of movement must not be taken lightly.

Minister for health Bruno Leignkone addressing the nation

We believe that while the Government is empowered under the Public Health Emergency Act, C4J is of the firm view that matters relating to an individual’s personal health must be carefully weighed against an individual’s right and personal freedom. Health is a matter of individual choice and must be protected at all cost. It is not the same as curtailing other rights stipulated under Article 5.

The Constitution is the supreme law which supersedes all other laws. Thus, the rule of law must be respected so that the Government does not abuse its powers to abrogate citizens’ rights granted to them by the Supreme Law of the land.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. All countries including Vanuatu have taken measures to protect citizens from COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems that the global orders to subdue and reduce sovereign independent nations into submission is real and in force. This is plainly evident in how the World Health Organisation is dealing with the COVID-19 issues in a manner mostly referred to as a global conspiracy among the rich elites of the world, large corporate companies, and powerful governments of the world.

We will continue to reiterate that Vaccine mandates are oppressive. Not only that they are downright unconstitutional.

C4J founder Mr. Stephen Quinto is currently in Florida – a US state of 22 million people where the lifting of mandates has finally seen the virus dry up and is going away!

Mr. Quinto reports that there's finally a state of normality returning, no thanks to the CDC or WHO (or the pharma companies they currently protect from liability by waiving the rights of citizens to sue them for any harm caused by the vaccines). What a way to constitutionalize something that is illegal!

In the Indian state of Gujarat - also with a population of similar size to Florida - the number of infections has plunged by 97% - almost to zero - by using a medication the authorities pooh-poohed as horse worm medicine. There appears to be enough evidence now that other motives than stopping the pandemic, have been served.

In Florida, only a small remnant of people still wears masks or keep social distancing. In fact, it was decreed there that children should not be vaxxed.

C4J will continue to say no to tyranny - especially by vested interests whose money and profits are at stake! It is obvious our Vanuatu is under duress - bullied into submission under this global order.

In any normal democracies, the government is accountable to the people who gave them power to exercise rulership over them. This is recognised by the old adage: ‘Government of the people, for the people and by the people’. The exercise of this democratic accountability to the electors appears to have been ignored when the Vanuatu government decided to act undemocratically to bow to the whim of the global order without the people’s mandate.

On the 19th of April 2021, at the first Extraordinary Session of Parliament, Johnny Koanapo Raso MP for Tanna, and Minister of Finance and Economic Management tabled MOTION N0.1 of 2021 for the government to indemnify manufacturers for COVID-19 vaccines. Clause N0.5 of the MOTION reads, “The COVAX Facility requires countries to provide indemnity to vaccine manufacturers to enable the vaccines to be used”.

According to the minutes of the proceedings of the twelfth Legislature First Extraordinary Session of 2021, 20th to 27th April, 41 Members of Parliament voted for the motion; six abstained, and one member voted against.

Vanuatu remained COVID-19 free with very minor incidences until the Government became reckless in its main international border control to allow for evacuations from high risks countries like Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and New Caledonia. COVID-19 was transmitted by the evacuees and very recently, community transmission occurred. While it is obvious that Vanuatu will not remain free of this deadly virus, the past few days have proven that we are vulnerable to it. So, while COVID-19 has infiltrated our system and into the communities, the government has the responsibility to manage and control the pandemic. However, when there are no checks and balances, the government tends to forget the fundamental principles that make Human Beings who they really are, especially when it abrogates their Constitutional rights.

Under the recent Public Health Emergency Orders, the government has breached the fundamental rights of the citizens and is liable to be held accountable for these breaches. Can the government be held accountable for breaching the people’s right to life, liberty, freedom of conscience and worship, freedom of expression and freedom of movement? If the answer is yes, in what ways? “Life” itself is a mystery that even science could not correctly define. This is a God-given gift to individuals who are accountable only to God for the life they live.

No one, under any circumstances may take away one’s liberty from an individual to live the life according to his human choices. Therefore, right to life under article 5(1)(a) of the Constitution is right to life with dignity. We believe this includes the right to be employed and provide for one’s family. It is well established that the right to life protected under the Constitution includes the right to lead a dignified and meaningful life. It appears that by enforcing these COVID measures the pendulum has swung too far where the government and relevant authorities are encroaching on people’s rights to life. We are of the firm view that no one can prevent people from being employed or gaining access to essential services to ensure the continuing sustenance of their livelihood under current circumstances.

Secondly, the essence of free choice is an integral part of living this life which includes liberty, freedom of conscience and worship, freedom of expressions and freedom of movement. Therefore, the protection of the right to live a dignified and meaningful life is the essence of humanity which must never be abrogated.

We will hold the Government accountable so it must be warned in the strictest terms to be mindful of citizen’s fundamental Constitutional rights. Mandatory vaccination is not only unconstitutional, but it is evil.

Our freedoms must be protected and safeguarded at all costs, or we descend to authoritarianism and tyranny. The freedom to life, freedom to move around, freedom to express our opinions and freedom to worship must never be abrogated or we lose our status as a free country.

We must not be restricted from Government services, or threatened with losing our jobs. Such actions are simply unlawful as far as the Constitution is concerned.

We urge citizens to stand-up for their rights.

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Long God Yumi Stanap!!! God is the giver of life. Autonomy and Sovereignty of Choice even to live or die is granted, not to government but to sovereign individual adults. The principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness in high places and rulers of darkness have over-stepped in the case of C0V1DI9 vcacines. They must retreat. Thank you for standing up Stephen Quinto and C4J


I believe the globalists manipulate these politicians through mafia tactics, like intimidation and bribery. The politicians have sold out the people. They've truly made a deal with the devil. Obviously they do not fear being held accountable by the people. Outright revolt can be easily negated, and is an invitation for further interference from outside forces as we've seen in Solomon Islands. What to do? In the USA, the "free" states relied on lawsuits to strike down violations of the constitution. They solicited through FOIA requests the data used to make health policy decisions. We must inform the police force of the facts that are being hidden from them, so they can make an informed decision. Without the police force…


Eva Nasse
Eva Nasse
Mar 22, 2022

Worth reading... clearly emphasize ..thankyou

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