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Giltrap buys more time with delay

In our last blog piece we posed some challenging questions to the office of the Public Prosecutor and authorities in Santo why a serious criminal matter involving a so-called ‘investor’ could be allowed to drag on for almost a year without any sign of progress, even for a plea hearing. It seems those pleas have fallen yet again on deaf ears.

Since then, the defendant – Nigel Giltrap continues to have his way regardless of the nature of the charges he faces.

In the latest twist he has written once again to court officials to request yet another postponement, at least until June to buy him more time so that he can continue to have his way.

It is now highly apparent that there is no one in this country with the backbone firm enough to stand up to him or say ‘No’ to the whims of such a notorious criminal. Note that we mean the words we used here. Just look at the history and court listings against the name of this man below:

The above relate to the offences he has committed in Vanuatu and does not include what he has faced in NZ before being granted an investors’ certificate by VIPA.

By the way the letter addressed to Mr Justice Andree Wiltens dated 8th April 2019 and sought the possibility for the next call-over to be made in June at the earliest. We believe that request has been granted as Easter is well nigh.

And judging by the tone of the letter, it appears some request from Giltrap through his lawyers have been made about a medical report to be supplied by the Office of the Public Prosecutor (interestingly, not some health institutions!).

In the letter Giltrap also attached his ticket to fly to New Zealand where he expects to spend Easter Holidays.

This is not the first request Giltrap has made to court officials in order to get away. There have been similar requests made in the past and C4J has every reason to believe no one within the office of the public prosecutor, or the police is able to stand up against this man.

We believe it is the very reason why the case has dragged on to this day. The defendant clearly has found a way in and out of the justice system.

We expressed in our last blog piece that we would not be surprised if the case was further adjourned the 8th time. We still are not and will not be in future if this adjournment or postponement – give it whatever name you like, continues.

Giltrap is a cunning criminal who seems to have built an assured way of getting away from justice because of the laxity and impunity displayed by offices of the state meant to safeguard, protect and defend the rule of law in this country.

His case relates to a serious assault he was involved with in March 2018 on two elderly citizens who have lived in Santo for the past 13 years. The assault has led to permanent damage to one of the victims as confirmed by medical reports. However, until today the victims are still waiting to see justice done.

We stress that the chain of events that have developed in the course of the 12 months delay are worth a closer inspection because it is not normal and we can only further request that the Government takes a closer look at the functionality of the essential institutions of the state that are meant to protect this country from lawlessness and impunity.

This is a case that dates back to March 20 and 21 of 2018 involving Mr Giltrap a convict from New Zealand. You can read the history of the case in the last blog piece.

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