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C4J Re-groups & Relaunches

There is an in-built system in all of us that cries foul every time something unpleasant happens. The system, which works like an alarm bell, and makes us cringe and cower whenever something nasty happens, can be set off anytime for just about everything untoward, unbecoming or inhumane.

From a school child knowingly taking a pencil from a friend’s case without permission, or a son holding back his mother’s spare change, to outright theft from a shop, or syphoning millions from the public purse into one’s private bank account; to inflicting personal harm on someone else for no other reason than to maim and cause discomfort– these events make us (at very least, should) recoil.

Consolidated Efforts at the C4J office in Melcoffee, Port Villa

And the unpleasantness, or inhumanness doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to us. It can be very remotely connected to ourselves. But because we all share one world together, it often irks us greatly when we do not obtain justice. We at C4J firmly believe we owe it to our humankind to be more considerate in our actions, behaviour and attitude.

To those who believe there is a supernatural being responsible for our ecological existence, it is the God of the Universe who made sure this alarm system was built within all of us. And He made sure it worked perfectly in every human being before they were born. Anything short, could well mean someone is abnormal, or worse, suffering from a specific medical condition and needs a doctor to fix if possible.

This system, carefully crafted and engrained in all of our being concerns our sense of natural justice, and is there to guard against all forms of injustices that threaten our social and symbiotic relationships –  the bio-glue that holds communities, societies and all living beings together.

In some societies, even from the Pacific, it appears this social bond is wearing away, as injustices undermine people’s wellbeing and livelihood – so much so that some communities live in fear and feel no-one cares anymore.

The real danger is this: if allowed to take root; even mild forms of injustice could go eerily wrong and could end up benumbing our good senses – leading to indifference, or worse, impunity.

Campaign for Justice believes it does not have to be this way. As humans, we share a world together. We are meant to be “our brother’s (and sister’s) keepers”, not their nemesis.

For more than eight months, Campaign for Justice has sustained a modest push against issues of injustice (albeit, not all, due to limited capacity, or inertia oftentimes) that we felt impeded or slowed down the process of obtaining justice from responsible institutions of the state in Vanuatu – from the police and law enforcement agencies’ level, to the office of the public prosecutor and even from the judiciary level.

Due to the very urgent need to raise our game against issues of injustice already taking root in some of our institutions, this past few months, we have been busy recruiting and re-grouping. We want to ensure that we are more strategic and effective in our undertakings.

And this time, we want to expand our activities so that everyone has a real sense of what exists behind the corridors of power. We want to be able to contribute to seeking ways for people to be afforded and accorded justice they truly deserve as citizens of a free land such as that left to them by their forefathers.

We believe no one should feel neglected, let alone abandoned, especially by the very institutions meant to protect them.

We are talking about the Police, the Ombudsman, the Office of the Public Prosecutor, the Office of the Public Solicitor, the Judiciary – and all public offices funded by the public through their tax money. Everyone, regardless of their social, political or economic background deserve better, not half-heartedness, selfishness or greed.

We also want to offer the opportunity to others to be able to join the fight. With the technology of today we can be in it together – virtually – on our social media platforms. You don’t have to be physically present to support such a noble cause.

As a Vanuatu-based public watchdog organisation, Campaign for Justice’s key purpose would be to confront and expose the obstruction of natural justice by those in fiduciary positions of power related to the living people and the living land of Vanuatu.

We will actively pursue and hold to account those that have acted wantonly and wilfully against the law or are negligent (and/or ignorant) of their duty of care that their assigned and/or commissioned positions are bound by.

Whether within different levels of government, the judicial system or at community levels, everyone has an inextinguishable, undeniable and unavoidable duty of care to serve the greater good of their fellowmen and women.

Any and all deviation from this natural course of action, as enshrined in any such fiduciary role, means that corruption of the natural order is being acted upon and to C4J, constitutes a direct breach of what is Natural and Just-is.

C4J will not let breaches of natural justice go by unnamed, unseen and/or (still so often) fearfully looked away from. In truth no living man or woman should! All peoples are invited to find inspiration to stanap …TUGETA! What else would ‘Long God Yumi Stanap” mean in our country’s motto?

We want to teach our next generations to be fearless of the corruption active in positions of power for it is only natural and just that those corrupt minds and individuals are confronted, apprehended, and exposed for the violation and trespass of jurisdiction they operate from.

There is currently a tremendous amount of ecological injustice that the future generations are bound to suffer.

We will fight social injustice, domestic violence and the obstruction of women’s rights to be heard, self-govern and actually take care of land, waters, family, tribe and community.

C4J will be the vocaliser of the breaches and corruption of natural law, natural order and justice. We will aspire to inspire change in the fear-based mindset to confront that which is simply wrong, unethical, abusive and violates international and/or national law.

Accountability is all we call for in the name of Justice.  Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public!

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