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Arena Breakout (CN) APK: A Chinese Version of a Popular FPS

Arena Breakout - Beta is a next-generation immersive tactical FPS and a first-of-its-kind breakout loot shooter that pushes the limits of mobile war simulation. Build and modify ultra-realistic guns, mend wounds, and refill your empty magazines. Every fight is a high-stakes, winner-takes-all gamble, so don't bring something you don't want to lose. Eliminate opponents head-on with stealth, or bypass bullets entirely. Players can fight freely as they like. Escape the combat zone alive for a chance to make a fortune, but be prepared to fight for your survival.

arena breakout cn apk

Recently, I was playing a game called arena breakout in the Close Beta Test phase 2, I have started to notice that this game has something unfair to the gamers in this game. This game looks like a rip off version of another game called Escape From Tarkov for phones. I've been playing this game for almost 2 months now and I don't see why this game has become so unbalanced as the devs keep giving players free bundle and free battlepass all the time, not only so this game still has too many bugs that need to be fixed in the process of completion. What I find confusing is that if the game is a tactical survival game, why would the dev give away the items for free? is this still a survival game or the players just shoot each other and nothing special?

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