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- UPDATED REPORT - Rosewood Logging in Vanuatu, the BIGGEST SELL OUT to CHINA at the cost of the Future of our Pikinini

Welkam long ‘Campaign for Justice’

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” — Edmund Burke

Campaign for Justice does not believe truth is relative. We believe truth is absolute and must be defended at all costs. This blog seeks to be the avenue where good men can have the backbone to stand up and tell the truth as it is without fear or favor. Its overarching goal is to diligently pursue and restore justice in our homes, community, island, nation and the world at large. We hope to awaken the sleeping giant of public awareness and public opinion and find a way to empower the still fragile voices of truth and establish a more even playing ground for us all.

Thank you for standing up with C4J and spreading our work for a Just future for all of Vanuatu. You can share on Facebook or email our page to your friends and family!

May God bless us all all gudfala citizens,

The C4J Management Team

C4J wants review of laws governing prosecution

Campaign for Justice has previously recommended for the Office of the Public Prosecutor and other relevant government authorities to provide some leeway in the role that the office of the Public Prosecutor plays, so that anyone that is aggrieved may also have the opportunity of engaging any private prosecutor, instead of being confined to just one option, as is currently the situation where victims of crime have no other legal recourse but through the public prosecutions department.

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